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Corporate profile

Kasda was founded in 2001 to develop CPE xDSL modem exclusively for FTTH network, working close with ISP operators made us a leader in the most advanced xDSL technology.

In 2006, Kasda turned to focus on advanced Soho and home network technologies and to position in the global market, where today we have achieved customers satisfaction and trust among a variety of innovative devices covering wireless, Ethernet, powerline and 3G/4G, and also through our intensive R&D, efficient production, strict quality management and reliable instant technical support.

Kasda offers FTTH end solutions for ISP provider ,distributors and individuals with 7 categories devices including LTE, Wi-Fi router, GPON, ADSL, VDSL, Repeater and PLC in mainly two section:

 1). Cost effective simple featured device with high speed for Soho

2) .Rich function ultimate performance light speed device for large and smart home

These devices are often built with multi-mode under multiple configurations to satisfy the needs of the end users, with the future-proof latest, fastest networking technology, consumer could enjoy speed, range, performance and convenience in one device as VDSL modem, Ethernet router, an AP, a repeater or even a LTE router according to different setups.

Kasda is continuing growing and striving to achieve a shared goal of developing easy-to-use networking products that make people worldwide live better and easier.

Kasda is based in Shenzhen, China, with branch office in Los Angeles, USA, and new offices in Dubai and Germany will be open in near future.

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