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DSL Modem/Gateway

Installation & Setup

  Q1. How do I physically set up my router modem?

  Q2. How do I log into my router modem?

  Q3. How do I upgrade my ADSL router's firmware?



  Q1. After full step of configurations, then open a browser and popping out message PPP Authentication Failed Username/password Error.

  Q2. When website report a 651(678) Modem Errors with no network connection.

  Q3. User cant log in to setup page.

  Q4. Failed to visit a website with DNS Error after dialing up.

  Q5. My PC can connect to wireless network successfully, but cannot visit any website or no internet access at all.

  Q6. Some specific websites cannot be visited or opened normally.

  Q7. Network connection between my device and your modem drops frequently.

  Q8. The WAN status shows already acquired IP address after PPPOE dialing up, but still cant access to internet.

  Q9. The ADSL modem can connect to network after dialing up, but after saved Broadband access Username & Password in setup page, I still cannot get access to internet.

  Q10. When I am using your WiFi ADSL modem under router working mode, and trying to visit a website, there is an popup error as No DSL port available.


Wireless Router

Installation & Setup

  Q1. How do I physically set up my router?

  Q2. Can I change the KA300/KA1200/KA1750 routers login username to something other than "admin"?

  Q3. How do I upgrade my router's firmware?

  Q4. How do I log into my router?

  Q5. How do I change or reset my wireless network password?

  Q6. How do I reset my router to factory defaults?

  Q7. How do I assign an IP address to a specific computer or device?

  Q8. How to improve 2.4GHz Wireless Performance by Changing Channel?

  Q9. How to resolve poor 5GHz Wireless Range/Signal from my Kasda Router?

  Q10. How do I change the admin password on my Kasda router?

  Q11. How do I secure my wireless network?

  Q12. How do I set up an unsecured or open wireless network? (or) How do I remove the wireless network password so anyone can access my network?

  Q13. How to improve Wireless Signal and Range?

  Q14. How do I access the configuration settings of my Kasda router?

  Q15. How do I find or change the wireless password on my Kasda router?

  Q16. How to open ports for Internet Games and Applications on Kasda Routers?



  Q1. Network drops frequently or some pages are unable to open while a Fiber modem or ADSL modem connected in front of Kasda Router.

  Q2. Failed to visit a website with DNS Error.

  Q3. Wired network connection is normal, but Wireless connection is unstable.

  Q4. Wired network connection is not working, but Wireless network is normal.

  Q5. Wired network connection is unstable or drops frequently.

  Q6. I forgot the password of router administration.

  Q7. After PPPOE dialing up, the WAN status shows that IP address was acquired successfully, but my device still cannot get access to internet.

  Q8. I cannot log in to router setup page.

  Q9. I cannot see or access the router log in page.

  Q10. The Kasda device does not turn on at all, none of the LEDs is lit.

  Q11. One of the LEDs does not behave as expected.

  Q12. How can I troubleshooting my Kasda Router?Q17. How to connect an Android phone to your wireless network?

  Q13. Unable to connect to a wireless network after changing wireless security settings (Windows Vista and XP). 


Manage Your Device

  Q1. How do I connect the Kindle E-book reader to a wireless network?

  Q2. How do I connect to a wireless network in Windows 8?

  Q3. How to set PC Local Area Connection as Auto-acquisition for Winows 7/XP?

  Q4. How to add a Windows 7 PC to a wireless network?

  Q5. How do I connect to a wireless network in Windows Vista?

  Q6. How to connect to a wireless network from Windows Vista?

  Q7. How to add a device to your wireless network: Apple Mac OSX?

  Q8. How to add a device to your Wireless Network: Nintendo Wii?

  Q9. How to connect PlayStation3 to your wireless network?

  Q10. How do I connect my Apple iPhone/iPad to wireless network?

  Q11. How to connect your Xbox 360 gaming console to your wireless network?

  Q12. How to add a Blackberry Smartphone to your wireless network?

  Q13. How to connect a Kindle Fire to your wireless network?

  Q14. How to connect a Samsung Blu-Ray player to your wireless network?

  Q15. How to connect Samsung Blu Ray Player (older models) to your wireless network ?

  Q16. How to connect a TiVo DVR to your wireless network?

  Q17. How to connect an Android phone to your wireless network?

  Q18. How to delete a Wireless Network Profile in Windows 7?

  Q19. How to remove Wireless Preferred Networks profiles in Windows 8?

  Q20. How to Manually Add a Wireless Profile in Windows 8?

  Q21. How to manually add a wireless network in Windows 7 and Vista?

  Q22. How do I connect my android device to wireless network?


WiFi Range Extender

Installation & Setup

  Q1. I have enabled a wireless MAC filter (wireless access control) on my router. What should I do when installing the extender?

  Q2. I have completed the Installation Wizard, but my wireless devices cannot get the IP address from the extender. What should I do?

  Q3. Where should I place my Kasda WiFi Range Extender?

  Q4. How to connect my Kasda WiFi Range Extender using manual setup?

  Q5. How to set up my Wireless Extender to Use the Same SSID as my Router?

  Q6. Where should I position my Kasda Range Extender for best results?

  Q7. How do I reset my WiFi Extender to factory default settings?

  Q8. What are the default user name and password to log in to the extender's setup page?

  Q9. How do I change my setup after the Extender is up and running?



  Q1. Installation setup keeps asking me for my wireless password and I am sure I have entered the correct password. What can I do?

  Q2. Will a Kasda Range Extender Work With My Existing Router?

  Q3. What is a wireless range extender, and what benefits does it provide?

  Q4. Selecting Wireless channels to improve wireless performance.

  Q5. What if a channel I want to use has too much interference?

  Q6. Reducing Wireless Network Traffic to improve wireless performance.

  Q7. Simple Spacing of Channels to improve wireless performance.


Manage Your Device

  Q1. How do I connect my iPad to my Wi-Fi Extender?

  Q2. How do I connect my WiFi enabled computer to Extender for Window 7?

  Q3. How do I connect my iPhone to my WiFi Range Extender?


General Information

  Q1. Can I leave my Kasda router on all the time, or do I need to turn it off when I no longer need my Internet connection?

  Q2. What is WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)?

  Q3. How can I connect my wireless device to the router using the WPS button?

  Q4. What is Port Forwarding used for?

  Q5. How many computers or devices can be connected wirelessly to a router at the same time?

  Q6. What is the difference between "Up to 54Mbps", "Up to 150Mbps" and "Up to 300 Mbps" wireless modes?

  Q7. Is KA1200/KA1750 Wi-Fi Router backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n?

  Q8. With 802.11n wireless adapter, does KA1200/KA1750 Wi-Fi 802.11ac Dual Band Router have higher link rate than 802.11n router?

  Q9. What is the maximum link rate in KA1200 11ac mode?

  Q10. What is the maximum link rate in KA1750 11ac mode?

  Q11. Does KA1200/KA1750 support USB port?

  Q12. What does it mean when a Router is called N 300M/AC 750M/AC 1200M/AC 1750M/AC 1900M/AC 3200M?

  Q13. Does a higher N xxxM or AC xxxM number imply farther range?

  Q14. Can I use my own antennas on the Kasda router?

  Q15. Is there a way to increase the wireless output power of the Kasda router?

  Q16. Is my Kasda Router compatible with Windows 7/Vista/8/8.1, Mac, Linux, etc?

  Q17. How does the Kasda WiFi Router support speeds up to 600 Mbps on 2.4 GHz?

  Q18. What signal is coming out of the 3 antennas for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz? Is it 3db, 6db or 12db?

  Q19. What username and password should I use to log onto my Kasda device's administrative interface?



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